Roastie – Work List

So this is my to-do list for Roadstie. I will publish posts about the whole process whenever time permits! Until then, feel free to suggest any addition or what you’d remove from those lists in the comments box underneath! To Do List Paint touch ups Side lights – replace cover Clear light screens – Moist …read in detail

How to create a cheap,easy and simple AWS S3 Backup strategy

When you store your objects on Amazon S3, but even though there are several features such as object lifecycle and versioning, there isn’t an out-of-the-box solution for cases where you just want to save an exact copy of objects that will never change (i.e. user generated content, files that This is for you if… Your …read in detail

How to store a Docker image on Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR)

  Amazon announced some time ago their update to the already existing EC2 Container Service (ECS) that was then joined by ECR, allowing us to store our Docker images on a safe environment At the time of writing, ECR is only available on the us-west-1 region (N.Virginia) although it’s been said it will expand into …read in detail

Mi nuevo reto de 30 dias

Todos l@s que me conocéis sabeis que nunca he sido un loco de los deportes… o al menos en lo que a practicarlos se refiere. Si, he probado muchos, muchos de ellos desde Tenis, Futbol, Baloncesto (obviamente), pasando por Aikido, Ninjitsu,  Karate, Judo y incluso Hockey hierba. Y aqui sigo, cada dia mas gordo, estresado …read in detail


¿Pero cómo no voy a estar estresado?, ¡Si es una Startup!

Estan siendo dos semanas muy, muy estresantes, frenéticas, como lo queráis definir, pero realmente, hoy he hecho una reflexión de todas las cosas que están ocurriendo durante estos días, y viendo la lista hasta yo me sorprendo. Primero, de lo que uno es capaz de conseguir a través del sacrificio, de trabajar a máximo rendimiento y …read in detail