“Providing Access to the
Worldwide Drone Industry”

What is Airstoc? The Professional Drone Aerial Footage Marketplace.
Airstoc is the world’s first dedicated marketplace for the professional drone industry. We connect customers with operators around the world.

We have built a simple platform to enable customers to book bespoke work – from initial quote to confirmation – for any industry and in any location across the globe. This eliminates the time, stress and cost which customers typically spend on this process, and allows them to book with confidence.

How did Airstoc come about?
The Airstoc team formed as the result of Start Up Weekend Sheffield, a not-for-profit event, where aspiring entrepreneurs are given one weekend to create new businesses.

Founded by a group of young guys from different backgrounds including, sales, marketing, innovation, design and web development, Airstoc was created as a solution to a problem identified by one of the team in his work as a drone operator. With over two years experience in drone filming, a bank of incredible footage had been built up and we wanted to find a way of sharing and re-using this footage in the public domain. It is about time that the world saw this footage and drone operators were not constantly relying on customer specific jobs.

Given many drone operators will be in similar situations, what we have created is a platform to store and share footage which can be reused by production companies, journalists, educators, advertisers, corporate companies and many others.

Andre, Giles and me thank everyone who has helped us make Airstoc a reality and appreciate everyone’s support as we take it to the next level.

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