“Online car recommendation service for new car buyers based on driver lifestyle needs.”

The now defunct CarMatchin, part of my first venture “Motoneer” was on a mission to help consumers start their car buying experience, removing the barriers to entering the new car market, such as industry jargon, poor showroom experiences at dealerships and a lack of trust in car sales industry professionals.

The platform captures lifestyle needs exactly the same way consumers describe them, recommends suitable cars and supports the user onto the next stage of the car buying journey by setting up and booking test drives with local dealers.
For new car dealers, the platform provides qualified leads with high quality information about the lifestyle and types of cars consumers reviewed on the site, rather than the standard email address and phone number.

CarMatchIn deals with a key stage of the car buying journey, and Motoneer – its parent company – is developing industry partnerships to be able to support car buyers all the way through that journey, from research (such as consumer reviews) through to financing (including part-exchange and leasing) and post-sales (including insurance and accessories).

The aim is to develop a trusted independent reference platform for new car buying.

I want to also take this opportunity to thank DotForge, the amazing team behind it as well as every single one of my investors and mentors who helped me get through the roughness and reality of being a solo founder.

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