Hello, Pitches!


Welcome to “Hello, Pitches!”.

Over the last few weeks I literally became what I wanted to be for a long time: an Entrepreneur. And it happened overnight, I was back in London, sitting down on my comfy sofa overlooking the lagoon within my apartment block, and the very next morning I was coming into my co-working space in Electric Works (Sheffield) as part of the dotForge Accelerator Programme that I’m taking part of.

I changed my corner in 20 Canada Square for an even fancier office… we even have a slide! From the heart of Canary Wharf to the bottom of the natural amphitheatre created by hills (and they can get really, really steep when you are walking back home!).

In this blog, I’ll talk about my experiences within the accelerator, how am I transforming an idea into product and how to deal with the not-so-funny-but-yet-exciting side of being an entrepreneur. And I will give some advice, for those of you who are in the same position I was a couple of weeks ago. How to market, how to pitch, customer development,… A bit of this and that.

For now, given my lack of time, I can only tell that after three weeks working 7 days a week and 14 hours in average, as much as I feel tired I feel even more passionate about all of this than when I started/joined… I guess that’s a start.

See you later, “Pitches”!

Hello Pitches

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