I’m here after all

Hi everyone!

Well, it’s “only” been more than a year since my last post… I guess I just have failed again to keep blogging. This is not the first time it happens, for some reason I just can’t help myself, but you know, I DO keep trying!
Last night I had a wave of inspiration on what I’d like to write about, how would I like to do it, etc… so here I am again!

Can’t promise how long I’ll stay this time, but I will try and do my best to keep posting. You can expect anything really, from business/tech advice to my bike rides, I might even write some of them in Spanish for my friends and family there who I’m sure would have a gander reading the good old Manu.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a hint of what’s next:
After Motoneer…. came Airstoc! Expect my story on how we got here on the next post, now just sit back and relax with our first Showreel!

Introducing Airstoc Showreels
Introducing Airstoc Showreels

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